About CSRG

The founding concept of CSRG was to find a means to drive racecars whose competitive days were through and to enjoy that experience with friends. That's what CSRG has been doing for almost 50 years. We are a club with a great history, not just a sanctioning body. Our members share a common bond via the cars they race. Without question that bond fosters friendships & experiences like few others. As a club, we have membership meetings & dinners, we vote for our officers and if you want to have a say in the club's government, the opportunity is open to you. Board members serve two-year terms & any member can run whenever there is a vacancy.

CSRG is known for keeping a lid on those who want to "win at all cost". This is a big issue amongst all vintage car racing organizations. Allowing illegal upgrades to old cars, overly aggressive driving and unsportsmanlike conduct are dealt with in different ways by each organization. You will find that CSRG enforces the rules fairly and will go so far as to suspend people for contact & conduct inappropriate to the club's character.

CSRG races at three fantastic tracks, Sonoma Raceway and both tracks at Thunderhill.

Sonoma Raceway is a well-known, facility with a demanding multiple configuration track. With 160 feet of elevation change from its highest to lowest points, Sonoma Raceway offers drivers everything they want, from the constant radius, neck-stressing Carousel to the left-right-left-right dance through the esses. Sonoma has full or half test days available for individuals to rent throughout the year.

CSRG started running events at Sonoma in 1973 and the partnership has continued to this day. We run one of the most popular vintage racing events there in October, The Charity Challenge, which raises money for The Speedway Children's Charities by selling race car rides to spectators.

Thunderhill Raceway Park has really come of age in the last few years and now boasts two excellent tracks, the three mile Thunderhill East and the two mile Thunderhhill West. The tracks can be combined to create an unbelievable five mile long course that throws everything possible at the competitor.

The best word to describe Thunderhill East is "flowing". The course just flows from one corner to the next, testing the driver and providing an exhilarating experience. It's definitely a driver's course and it's setting reminds you of the old days of racing---wide open & surrounded by farmland and fresh air. There's nothing like getting away from it all with a race weekend thrown in for good measure.

Thunderhill West is an equally demanding course that requires a lot of discipline from the driver. Talent rises quickly to the top at Thunderhill West. Only those who have really applied themselves and properly set up their car will begin to feel comfortable with it. The course is a street fighter that demands 100% concentration from the driver. There's no let up to it, but thankfully there's plenty of runoff room for those who let their focus wander. Like Thunderhill East, the setting is superb.

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