Racing News

Hoosier tires for vintage

Hoosier tires for vintage Formula Fords have just been approved by the club.

Charity Challenge

Over the last twelve Charity Challenges CSRG has managed to raise $785,000 for the Sonoma Chapter of the Speedway Children’s Charities. The CSRG members and Sonoma Raceway have made it the success it is and should take pride in their efforts. It’s truly unbelievable.

Tech Inspection Valid for 45 days

As of 2016 Tech Inspections will be valid for 45 days. Any car that passes Tech at the Sonoma races will automatically be approved for the Thunderhill race that immediately follows it—assuming the car and driver completed the weekend without any incident(s) including, but not limited to, damage to the car, warning/reprimand, etc.

Group 8 Expansion

The club will allow Production-based cars up to 1990 with a documented race history by a recognized sanctioning body. The car must be prepared to period rules and use period tires. Each car will be approved by CSRG on an individual basis. For more information please contact Jon Norman at:

Driver’s Meetings:

It seems that lack of attendance at the required Driver Meetings before each of our events is an issue, particularly at Sonoma Raceway. If the situation does not improve, get ready for proof of attendance, or some such, before you are allowed on the track. This is a no-compromise issue. If just one incident can be avoided by attendance at the meeting, it would be worth it.

Group 8:

The Board has accepted second generation Can-Am cars, IMSA GTO & GTU cars, SCCA Trans-Am cars as well as more modern SCCA Production cars as outlined in previous Racing News posts.

Technical Inspection:

The Board is looking into ways to streamline the Technical Inspection procedure at Sonoma Raceway events, in particular. The Board is also interested in recruiting additional people for Tech.

Race Groups 1,2 & 3

The CSRG Board has been asked to consider a proposal to divide each of Race Groups 1, 2 & 3 into sub-groups 1A, 2A, 3A & 1B, 2B & 3B. Cars built to the 1967 rules set will run in the 'A' sub-group & cars built to 1972 rules will run in the 'B' sub-group. Each sub-group would be scored independently & the results would reflect the split. The primary purpose of the split group is to allow cars that look similar to be in the same race group instead of spread between Group 8 & Groups 1,2 or 3.

Considering Acceptance of Second Generation Can-Am Cars

The CSRG Board is considering the acceptance of second generation Can-Am cars, both under & over 2 liter, built before December 31 1979. The intent is to include pre-ground effect cars such as Lola T332 based cars—-the T333CS, Prophet, Frissbee, Schkee.

Potential Additions to Group 8

This is a proposal to allow interesting, historical, production-based race cars with documented race history to join Group 8. These would have to be the actual cars, not copies/tribute cars. We want to see cars like the DeAtley Camaros, Roush Mustangs, 240-280Zs, Dekon Monzas, Miller Mustangs, Zakspeed Capris, Jensen Healeys, Triumph TR7s & TR8s, Porsche RSRs, Huffaker Pontiacs, BMW 3.0 CSLs…& more. Cars would be considered on an individual basis, with an emphasis on originality.

CSRG Contributes to Sonoma Charity:

Club members should be very proud that money raised from the 2014 11th Annual Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway as well as the matching funds given by the Carl & Judy Moore Foundation exceeded $86,000.00. This brings the total raised for the Sonoma Chapter of the Speedway Children's Charities over the past eleven years to over $700,000.

Jon Norman & Race Group 8:

Jon will take over as coordinator for the Race Group 8 cars. Please contact Jon if you have questions: or 510.525.9435

Yellow Flags

There has been a lot of passing under the yellow flag at recent events. Please be aware: This is a serious issue & may result in the offender being asked to leave the event earlier then he or she had planned. Come on, please pay attention & watch for the flags.

FJHNA at the CC

FJHNA (Formula Junior Historics North America) contacted CSRG to say that the 2015 Charity Challenge had been chosen as the event for their National Race.


Masters-HGP is returning to the Charity Challenge in 2015 & will be running to the same format as last year.

Alfa GTAs

Fred Chudacoff is trying to get Alfa GTA owners to enter the Charity Challenge to commemorate the GTA’s 50th anniversary. Please contact Jon Norman for details.


CSRG is expanding and, as we expand, there is no shortage of ideas on ways to improve the club. However it's the implementation of those ideas that present the biggest problem. Simply put: We need volunteers to help out on a variety of tasks. These tasks can be prior to a race or on a race weekend, monthly tasks, or simply as-needed tasks. In most cases we can tailor the job to the time you wish to contribute. If you are interested in the details, please contact Locke at

Car Prep is Creeping:

As cars go from one owner to another we have noticed lately that these cars tend to "creep" toward additional modifications that are not within our rules. Everything from louvres & non-standard ignitions to tire swapping between tech & going on track to replacing steel panels with fiberglass.

We all joined this club to have fun with our cars and our friends, not to hedge on car preparation. Remember, CSRG was founded on the premise that our events are all about the cars & the camaraderie inherent within our club. The cohesion and very life of our club depends upon maintaining an atmosphere that allows club members to respect each other.

CSRG Race Group 8:

It's time to dust off the newer A, B & C sedans (think Trans-Am) and newer production cars.…..

CSRG has expanded eligibility to include Group A, B & C sedans through 1972, but we put them in groups that reflect how they ran back in the day, that is with other SCCA production groups like C Production, D Production, etc. By doing this CSRG hopes to be true to racing's past and be more inclusive and attentive to the other car classes. The intention is to include additional cars in our existing framework, not just tack them on as an afterthought to increase entries.

Masters-HGP at the Charity Challenge

British-based Masters-HGP will be represented at the Charity Challenge. We hope that a full grid of these superb F1 cars from the '70s will put on a super show. It's not often you get a version of Rush right in your own backyard!